Dubai Municipality Approvals

Lezarri has a proven track record of success in helping our clients obtain Dubai Municipality Approvals. We have a team of experts who are knowledgeable about the DM Approval process and requirements. We will work with you to ensure that your project meets all the necessary requirements for approval. You can be assured that Lezarri will provide you with the highest quality of service and support throughout the DM approval process.

Lezarri also provides you (DM) approvals from Government Authorities keeping in mind all guidelines and rules mentioned for your residential and commercial projects.

Municipal services to the population of the metropolis and its work include urban designing, construction direction, environmental protection and improvement, public parks conservation, control, and making certain international quality standards compliance in aspects like Procedure for obtaining DM Approval.

You can also consult our experts if you are having any problem with getting Dubai municipality approvals. Our services are available all the time of year throughout the state of Dubai.
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What Is Dubai Municipality Approvals?

This is the process of getting your product or design approved by the Dubai Municipality before it can be made available for sale in the city. This approval is necessary to ensure that products meet the safety and quality standards set by the municipality, as well as any other regulations that may be in place.

The approval process can vary depending on the product or design in question, but it generally involves submitting a request for approval, followed by an inspection and testing period. Once the product or project design has been approved, you will be issued with a certificate of approval that you can use to show potential customers that your product meets all the necessary standards.

Approval from the Dubai Municipality is not always required, but it is always recommended. If you are unsure whether or not your product or design needs approval, you can contact the municipality directly to find out or also you can contact Atech.

The Dubai Municipality is responsible for approving a wide range of products and designs, including:
  1. Buildings and construction projects
  2. Electrical products
  3. Food products
  4. Healthcare products
  5. Packaging
  6. Transportation vehicles
If you are planning to sell any products or designs or also want to start a new project in the city of Dubai, it is important to make sure that you have the necessary approval from the municipality. This will ensure that your product meets all the required standards and regulations, and will give you the peace of mind knowing that you are selling a safe and high-quality product.

Why Choose Dubai Municipality Approvals?

Office Approvals

If you require office approvals for your business in Dubai, then you need to approach the Dubai Municipality. The municipality is responsible for issuing all sorts of approvals related to businesses in the city, including office approvals.
A Dubai Municipality inspector may first look at the office’s location and purpose before approving it. Before proceeding to any other documents, the Dubai Municipality will check that the building is legal and the office has the right purpose.
The second step is to submit an application form along with the required documents. Once your application is received, it will be reviewed by the municipality and you will be given a date for an interview.
After the interview, the municipality will issue you with an office approval if everything is in order. This approval needs to be renewed every year and you will need to submit updated documentation each time.

Import and Export Approvals

Dubai Municipality also issues import and export approvals. These approvals are necessary if you want to bring goods into or out of the city.
To get an import or export approval, you will need to have a valid trade license. You can apply for an import or export approval through the Dubai Municipality website.

Construction Approvals

If you want to carry out construction work in Dubai, you will need to get approval from Dubai Municipality. This includes tasks such as building, demolishing, or renovating structures.
To get approval, you will need to submit a number of documents, including a project proposal, plans, and drawings. You can apply for construction approval through the Dubai Municipality website.

Food Establishment Approvals

If you want to open a food establishment in Dubai, you will need to get approval from Dubai Municipality. This includes restaurants, cafes, bakeries, and food trucks.

In order to get restaurant approval, you need to meet the following basic requirements:

  1. Proper lighting and ventilation are essential in a restaurant.
  2. The restaurant should have a separate kitchen with appropriate equipment.
  3. It should be easy to clean the ceiling and floors. Fireproof materials should be used to build the restaurant, as well as light-colored materials, smooth surfaces, and nontoxic materials.
  4. The restaurant should have a designated area for storing food.
  5. Your establishment must be located in a commercial area
  6. You must have a valid trade license
  7. You must have a certificate from the Dubai Civil Defense
  8. You must have approval from the Department of Economic Development
  9. You can apply for food establishment approval through the Dubai Municipality website.

Dubai Civil Defence Approvals

Before you set up your office or any business it is necessary to gain approval from Dubai Civil Defense along with the Dubai municipality. It is called as Civil Defense Approval. Dubai Civil Defence is an organization established in 1976 for the management of different emergency situation in Dubai. DCD gives approval named Municipality Civil Defense Approval for different services. The main motto of the organization is to make Dubai the safest and secured place. Dubai Civil Defence have been playing an important role to maintain the proper level of security and safety in industrial plants, factories and commercial buildings. They also run rescue programs during different kinds of disastrous situations. The main objective of Dubai Civil Defence is to protect life and property of the public.

Trakhees Approvals

Dubai has expanded its industrial and industrial market at an awfully fast pace, permitting additional opportunities for individuals and businesses. Trakhees standard and regulations have been implemented with the sole purpose of developing environment friendly sustainable development. With the guidelines and regulation imposed by Trakhees Dubai is surely moving towards positive development.

Requirements to get Trakhees Approval
Building regulation and design guideline of Trakhees approval. it had been vital for the govt. to return up with an authority which is able to be accountable to supervise the infrastructure. The Trakhees approvals states the minimum architectural requirements for the construction of commercial, residential and industrial development.
Building regulation and design guideline of Trakhees approval Dubai
This guideline states the minimum architectural requirements for the construction of commercial, residential and industrial development.
Regulations and minimum provision for people with disability
This guideline ensures the building of disable friendly structures as it regulates the minimum structure for the convenience of people with disability. The regulation has helped to maintain integrity among people with disability as it ensures the structure is safe and convenient for disabled people.
Building regulations and design guidelines of Dubai Municipality Trakhees approval
The guideline outlines the minimum structural requirement as per the standards of the Trakhees. This guideline helps to provide with the basic idea of basic requirements to match the expected standards for all the technicians related to the building of the structure.
Building regulations and design guidelines
There are certain services design requirements for the buildings which are clearly mentioned in this guideline of the Trakhees.
Urban planning and MEP services regulations and design guidelines of Municipality Trakhees approval
This guideline focuses on the developmental concept of the Dubai government and ensures the structure being built is well within the parameters according to the expectation of Dubai government.
Fresh concrete testing in the field
This helps in ensuring the concrete used to build the structure is according to the international standard. Since the concrete is related to the strength of the structure this regulation helps to ensure strong structure.

DEWA Approvals

Dubai Electricity and Water Authority came into existence on Jan one, 1992. The electricity and also the water department that were in operation severally were united along to create DEWA. This company includes all technology innovations from energy generation to smart homes to big data management and how they solve issues and/or create new opportunities in the utility sector. This company also covers billing, customer and supplier metrics, energy usage analysis and production as well. So DEWA is known as a sole provider of electricity, sewerage and water in Dubai. This company includes all technology innovations from energy generation to smart homes to big data management and how they solve issues and/or create new opportunities in the utility sector. This company also covers billing, customer and supplier metrics, energy usage analysis and production as well. So DEWA is known as a sole provider of electricity, sewerage and water in Dubai.
Below is that the List of obligatory Documents needed For getting the Municipality approvals
  1. New Electricity Connection
  2. New Water Supply Building NOC
  3. Submission of Fit-Out Application for Getting Approval
  4. Submission of Infrastructure Request for Electricity and Water
  5. Getting the approval from DEWA for homes, offices and buildings
  6. Below is that the List of obligatory Documents needed For getting the Municipality approvals

JAFZA Approvals

JAFZA is the biggest free zone in the world which was established in the year 1985. Because of the different policies that benefits people investing in JAFZA, more than 7000 companies are based in the area. JAFZA is uniquely designed to ensure the right environment for setting up offices, warehouses, outlets, business parks and employee hostels. The dynamic prospect of JAFZA is what makes it all attractive for the investors. Some of the attractive policies of JAFZA are as follows:
Below is that the List of obligatory Documents needed For getting the Municipality approvals
No restriction for staff from several countries.
Free of tax of any nature.
No impo
  1. No restriction for staff from several countries.
  2. Free of tax of any nature.
  3. Permission to use currencies from any country.
  4. No import or re-export duties.
  5. The advantage of onsite customs.
  6. Consent to carry 100 percent foreign ownership.

Fitout Approvals

If you are seeking for drawings and approval for your, Office, Cafe, restaurants, Apartment remodeling, Manufacturing facilities, Diving Swimming pools etc. Services like Drawings providing, 2nd making, 3D creating and visualizations, area getting ready, Internal style Developing, Certification, obtaining secret agent from Regulators, approvals, Examination, and final Certificate.

Concordia Approvals

Concordia is an Integrated Facilities Management Company that handles all the Fit-out process throughout Dubai. Concordia had approved fit-outs for 1 million square feet of commercial space for companies operating in the free zone of Jumeirah Lake Towers. The company is based in Dubai and offers services to ensure quality & safety of the community & infrastructure.
Concordia offers a wide range of services which include:
  1. Asset Protection and Safety of inhabitants, and prevent Asset Degradation
  2. Concordia provides Efficient Drawing Approvals as per the standards
  3. Provides Fit Out manuals for buildings to ensure all safety measures are checked
  4. Building handover and commercial mobilization services
  5. Internal and external cleaning (car parking cleaning, housekeeping, deep clean solutions)
  6. Construction repair services and maintenance

DIFC Approvals

Registration with Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC) is based on providing the necessary documents and a detailed description of previous work experience. As per policy, requests for all types of fit-out need to be made through their online portal which is only accessible to DIFC registered contractors.Process:
  1. Before preparing the submission, we first meet the facilities management team of the project building to discuss the application and understand each individual building process. This gives a clear direction on how to make the submission.
  2. All applications for construction work are submitted using DIFC’s online portal. It takes three to seven working days to receive a NOC on the initial submission.
  3. In addition to this, there are a number of other approvals required which include concept drawing application, shell and core application, and general works application.
  4. After all the approvals are in place, we’ll schedule an initial inspection of the site before starting any work.
  5. DIFC may conduct surprise site inspections after the work has begun to ensure the work being done is as per the approved submission.
  6. Once the project is completed, we’ll apply for a final inspection to get the fit-out completion certificates.

Tecom Approvals

Dubai Dubai Creative Clusters Authority (DCCA) (previously TECOM) is the controlling body of a number of different free zones and business parks located in Dubai. A number of business parks specializing in different industries create an individual cluster environment under DCCA. These different industries operating in the work campus facilitate efficient interaction and collaboration among themselves. All of the business parks work with a synergy within the business environment. DCCA business parks facilitate a professional environment for various businesses and provide opportunities to collaborate with a number of leading organisations in the world a collective partnership and independence.

What type of documents are required for Dubai Municipality Approvals?

The documents required for Dubai Municipality Approvals depend on the type of approval you are applying for.

  1. For example, if you are applying for construction approval, you will need to submit a project proposal, plans, and drawings.
  2. If you are applying for food establishment approval, you will need to submit a certificate from the Dubai Civil Defense.
  3. For more information on the specific documents required for each type of approval, you can contact the Atech Interior, we provide support to you throughout the approval process and complete your approvals as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Dubai Civil Defence-DCD, JAFZA-Trakhees, Dubai Development Authority-DDA, DCCA, Tecom, Cocordia we got it all covered

Since our establishment, we have been involved in various projects in the fields of interior design and authority approvals all over the UAE. Whether you need a Dubai JAFZA approval, a Tecom approval or even a Trakhees approval, we are here to assist you with it all. Our expert team will offer utmost guidance to you in terms of space planning, drawing submission to the authorities, applying for building or general fit-out work permits and so much more.

Our highly experienced and professional team possesses up-to-date knowledge of the rules and regulations, approval process steps, health, safety and environmental regulations and technical requirements that have been laid forth by the Government. All of this is important to ensure that our clients receive world-class and seamless services in terms of the completion of their projects as per relevant industry standards and local statutory requirements. So if you are in the need to apply for approvals from the higher authorities, then make sure that you give us a call today.
The Dubai Municipality is a governmental department that is responsible for maintenance of public facilities and urban planning. The department is responsible for affairs related to food control, cultural and heritage development, drainage network, apartments and buildings regulation, public parks, sewage treatment and much more. To put it in simple words, Dubai Municipality happens to be amongst the largest governmental departments with regards to the services offered and the projects executed.
At Lezarri, we are available at all times to help you ensure that the plans you submit to the authorities conform with all the standards and requirements put in place by the Government. Our services are focused on helping you prepare for authority approvals, acquiring permits and completion certificates.