Expert Revealing The Best Shelf Designing Secrets

The thought of styling shelves may feel overwhelming. Fortunately, we have compiled some of the best tips to help you deal with the nightmare of giving your shelves a perfect, put-together look.

Keep it minimal

It may feel like the easiest and most self-explanatory step however it most the most overlooked part of shelf decoration. Before doing anything else, clear any kind of clutter. Eliminate the things that you don’t use anymore and donate the things that are in good condition. A mistake that people often make while styling a shelf is putting too many objects. The more items you have on the shelf, the less impact each item will make. So having a few objects can make your shelves look stylish and beautiful.

Style your bookshelf

Whether you are a reading lover or have a few bookshelves full of fun novels, you can style them in the best possible ways. Group your books into small stacks and position them vertically as well as horizontally. You can also group by colors but this technique will work best if you have a lot of books.

Know the importance of balance

When styling the shelves, balance plays a vital role. Make sure the shelves are neither too crowded nor too empty. During styling, keep the large sculptures alone and the smaller sculptures in groups. The shelves should also be symmetrical.

Choose a color palette

Just like anything else related to interior designing, it is vital to opt for a clear as well as consistent color palette when styling shelves. Choose colors that go perfectly with the interior of your home. The neutral-colored shelves look perfect and give a rich as well as airy feel. Don’t hesitate to experiment with colors while designing shelves.

Add artwork

People often overlook artwork while designing shelves. However, the best interior designing company in Dubai suggests that artwork can do wonders for the shelf. It can add charm to the shelves while allowing you to be creative. You can just put a small piece inside or hang a large one on the top. The artwork also draws eyes to the back of the shelf while giving it a more visually layered look. Keep in mind that artwork can take up a lot of space so make sure to go for larger shelves.

Opt for a healthy mix

This is the most fun part of styling shelves. Experts suggest exploring the collection of décor online or all your property items to choose something beautiful. The key is to make a healthy mix such as putting some petrified wood slices or a beautiful shell to give a fresh appearance to the shelf.


So now you have all the shelf styling tips however this is only half of the battle. Make sure to balance all the above-mentioned tips to achieve a cohesive look. If you still have any more doubts or concerns, feel free to get in touch with the best interior designing company in Dubai.

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